South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force

Strategic Plan and Biennial Report

Bartram's Dors

Report Purpose:

In 1996 Congress established the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force (Task Force) to bring together federal, state, tribal, and local agencies involved in restoring and protecting the Everglades.  The Task Force coordinates the myriad restoration efforts being planned and implemented throughout the Everglades ecosystem.  The Task Force also provides a forum for sharing information, identifying emerging issues, resolving conflicts, and reporting on restoration progress.

This overarching reporting document of the Task Force outlines the restoration strategy for the Everglades. It synthesizes the efforts by Task Force members and reports biennially on progress made toward restoration. This document fulfills multiple reporting requirements (House Conference Report 106-479; Water Resources Development Act of 1996) and is intended for four principal audiences:

United States Congress
Florida Legislature
Seminole Tribe of Florida
Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida