Integrated Delivery Schedule (IDS)


Bartram's Dors

A series of public workshops for the Integrated Delivery Schedule (IDS) is being sponsored by the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Working Group to engage the public. Restoration of the South Florida Ecosystem is being implemented via a combination of federal, state, tribal, and local projects. Public discussions related to the IDS will include construction timelines, interdependencies and benefits related to multiple projects. The final IDS will include only federal projects cost shared with the local sponsors (Central and Southern Florida Projects (C&SF) which includes the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), Kissimmee River Restoration, and the Everglades and South Florida (E&SF)/Critical Projects). These major projects have been merged into the IDS that provides an overall strategy and sequence for their planning, design, and construction based on ecosystem needs, benefits, costs, and available funding.



IDS Update Public Workshops